Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Jeff Ruby's Steakhouse

Saturday evening we went to Jeff Ruby's Steakhouse downtown. Since we had those gift certificate's we decided to use one here. We typically go to The Precinct, so we mixed things up a bit.

Rob's been here a couple of times, but I've  actually never been. I didn't expect it to be much different than his other restaurants, but this is the 'big one,' if you will. It really wasn't much different, all of his restaurants are buzzing with patrons. Our reservation was at 9pm and people were still being seated at 10! It's a very popular place. I expected nothing less from Ruby.

When we went to Carlo & Johnny the night before we had seafood. This time, we wanted the real Ruby's experience. 

Rob ordered the Thick Grilled Nueske's Bacon, which is a side to share. I wasn't interested in this dish, so the waiter kindly sent only 2 slices out. I did try a bite and I was surprised how delicious it was.

I went with the Freddie Salad, which isn't exactly healthy, but I like to pretend it's an OK choice. Besides, it's too good not to order. 

We then ordered the exact same steak, the Barrel-Cut Filet Mignon which is originally 12 oz. The waiter let us know we could order this for 8 oz., so we did just that. It turned out to be the perfect amount. No one can complain Ruby's steaks aren't big enough!

Rob didn't order anything to 'Crown' his steak, but did order a side of the Sauteed French Green Beans.

These green beans were excellent

I 'Crowned' my steak with White Truffle Butter, it was a fabulous decision, bad life choice, but tasted amazing!

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