Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Free Coney Day!

Not only is Opening Day one of the best days of the year, but Skyline was giving out a free coney with any purchase! Rob and I love Syline Chili. It's not a lie when I say we eat here on average...twice a week. 

Skyline is definitely one of those Cincinnati comfort foods we can't live without. Since the coney's are so expensive at the game we decided to stop in Skyline afterwards. Our plan was to get one coney each and then walk around town before dinner. Little did we know we'd see this beautiful sign when we sat down...

We had to indulge - two coney's each. Totally aggressive, but absolutely worth it. 

Here's how we do coney's...

His - the hotter the better. Rob had one regular with no onions and added plenty of hot sauce. He also had one without onions and Habenero Cheese, also adding hot sauce. 

Hers - I like to keep mine simple, I order them without mustard.

After writing this, I know what I'll be having for lunch :)

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