Friday, March 29, 2013


We were lucky enough to get a table on Sotto's opening night on Thursday. This place really wowed us!

Sotto is a great new addition to downtown Cincinnati. Rob and I are looking forward to having many more meals here. The food was to die for and the ambiance/decor was cool. That's the best way to describe it, it had such a cool, urban vibe. 

On the way to the restrooms you pass this window which gives you a view of the in house pasta making process

The bread from Blue Oven Bakery was fantastic

The menu was small and simple. You have plenty of options to the point you can't decide, you want it all, but not to the point it's overwhelming. The ingredients are simple and very satisfying.

We started with the Antipasti option, skipping over the Bruschetta. Rob isn't a huge fan of Bruschetta (I love it and will be trying some the next time - he can deal.) 

I had the Argula, Shaved Mushroom, Parmigiano & Lemon Oil

Rob chose the Mixed Greens Salad with Moscato Vinaigrette

Rob had a Primi dish as well, which I was hoping he'd such luck, how greedy! I'll give it to him though since this is one of his favorite dishes. I'll be ordering this next time. 

 Spaghetti Con Vongole, White Clams & White Wine Garlic Sauce

For our entrees or the Secondi dish I went with the Grilled Salmon with Anchovy White Wine Sauce. I loved it, great flavor and the fish was excellent.

Rob's Secondi order was the Porchetta with Swiss Chard & Cannellini Bean Ragu. I did get to try a little nibble and this was great too - The Porchetta was delicious. 

I was still hungry since I didn't get to try any clams ;) so we indulged in an assortment of house made Gelato and Sorbetto.

We had the same Sorbetto, but each had a different Gelato. I had the Raspberry Sorbetto, Vanilla Bean Gelato and Lime Yogurt Sorbetto

  Rob had the Raspberry Sorbetto, Banana's Foster Gelato and Lime Yogurt Sorbetto

The desserts were just as fantastic. Sotto is all around amazing. 

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