Thursday, February 28, 2013

What's A Hapanneing?

So we decided to try Quan Hapa again to get another feel of the menu. The menu has changed since we've been there last. There are quite a few new choices and a few other things have been removed. This time around the verdict was much better. I left happy and full! Rob however, still can't determine how he feels about this place. In his words 'I don't understand what's going on.' He doesn't hate it, yet can't decided if he likes it. Personally, I do like it. It's adventurous and totally different from anything like we have in Cincinnati. Quan Hapa is a place Anthony Bourdain would love. 

Here's a look at the new menu

A sneak peak at the restaurant bar

Decisions decisions...

We started with the Hapa Wings. Seriously, these were so good. I highly recommend them - the sauce was light and flavorful. I hate when wings are over saturated in sauce and such.

We then split an order of the Steamed Bun Sliders. Rob chose the Duck Slider and I went with the Rock Salt Soft Shell Crab.  These were both very good - I especially loved the buns. We noticed the Pork slider we got the first time we visited was no longer on the menu. That's unfortunate because it was exceptionally good.

Next, we ordered our Entree's. 

Rob ordered the Ramen. He let me try some and I decided this was good, but I think my favorite part of Ramen is the hard boiled egg. This was missing and therefore I didn't love it. However, this Ramen had wonton dumplings which made up for the lack of egg.

I chose the Salmon Roll which last time, the rolls only came with 2 and now they are served with 3! These were very, very good - I gave Rob one of the rolls because 3 was too much for me, he loved it. 
They are definitely some of my favorite rolls in the city.

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