Sunday, February 24, 2013

A Day Downtown

We began the afternoon in OTR by walking around Washington Park, it was such a beautiful day we couldn't pass up the opportunity. It's safe to say we're both looking forward to spring. Rob even wore flip flops today!

Music Hall

Surrounding Area

After a quick stroll we popped into another one of our favorite restaurants in OTR - The Anchor

It was a perfect day for a mimosa and bloody mary - we knew the waiter so he hooked us up.

 I had a house made lemonade with a splash of champagne, very good.

Rob had a Bloody Mary with an oyster, it was gone in a few short minutes so I'd assume it was delish. It even made me wish I liked Bloody Mary's

That's aggressive

After a few tough decisions, the order was up. We literally love everything on this menu so it's always a difficult choice. We decided to try a few of our favorites plus a few new menu items

We started off with a favorite. A dozen oysters (6 east coast and 6 west coast). I love the east coast and Rob prefers the west...we always make sure to split these so we each get both. This particular order had two of each kind they were offering (3 west and 3 east). I'm also a huuuuge fan of the sauce Anchor gives you. I typically don't use any type of sauce with my oysters, but this stuff is amazing.

Next up was a new item the waiter raved about; Crawfish Beignets. Simply spectacular with a bit of spice. We wanted to call it a day and order another round of these, but decided to keep the adventure going

This next dish was incredible too - Fried Oysters. I love oysters and all things raw bar, but had yet to try fried oysters. These were so good I can't even put it into words. I typically despise tartar sauce, but was left wanting to lick the oyster shell, the sauce was so good. Don't worry - I didn't, but it was hard to resist

The Anchor on Urbanspoon

 Anchor is just the best - I'm clearly obsessed with this place. Seafood is one of my favorite cuisines, always has been as long as I can remember. I grew up eating the tails off shrimp at the age of 5 because I loved it so much - my family jokes I'm half seal.

I'm lucky enough to have Rob who is an adventurous eater and seafood lover just as much as I am. It works out perfectly, and I even have him to thank for introducing me to my new favorite seafood - Oysters. We joke our first date was to Washington Platform to try Oysters. He knew I loved seafood but had never had Oysters so he took me to an Oyster bar downtown and it was love from then on...

Our day was not over just yet. After walking around downtown for a little while longer we stopped into Via Vite to pick up an entree to go for Rob's Mom. While we waited we had some soup to warm up complimented with Prosecco.

Via Vite has disappointed us lately in the dinner department, but their brunch has never let us down. I simply love this Potato Leek Soup. It has such a great, rich flavor. Perfect for a sunny yet chilly day downtown.

After finishing our soup we decided to wait outside on the upstairs porch for the entree to be finished. Again, we are anticipating spring a little too soon. It was still pretty chilly out.

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